Our Story

In 2008, two scene kids met in middle school.

Quickly becoming best friends, they spent the next decade moshing and crowd surfing at countless shows together. One day, towards the end of 2018, they formulated the idea to brand a clothing company, and out of this idea, SickAF Threads was born. After some trial and error, they decided to take a brief hiatus in order to better understand the ins and outs of running a clothing company that they fully believed in. Fast forward to the present and they have re-established that brand, which has been re-launched as Hollow Heart Apparel.

The goal of Hollow Heart Apparel is to bring an alternative brand to the scene for everyone. Whether it’s the people beating down in the pit, or the person singing to Mayday Parade at the top of their lungs, we want to vibe with you. It is our mission to bring you high quality threads so that you and your friends will look SickAF. We look forward to having you in the crew!



John Rithianos (left) and Danny Cormier (right). Circa 2009